NBC Says Title Character Of ‘Constantine’ Is Straight. Fans Disagree.

NBC’s “Constantine” isn’t hitting small screens until October, but already the show has fans agitated. The drama, based on the DC comics franchises “Hellblazer” and “Constantine,” centers on the adventures of con man and supernatural detective John Constantine. Some fans are concerned about the accuracy of the character, not because of the costume or the powers, but because of the title character’s sexuality.

In the “Hellblazer” comic books, John Constantine is shown as having both male and female lovers, though his sexuality is never explicitly labeled. NBC’s version, however, has only planned female love interests for the character. Executive producer Daniel Cerone told Entertainment Weekly at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Sunday that the character’s sexuality was not integral to the character, stating, “In those comic books, John Constantine aged in real time. Within this tome of three decades

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Judge Overturns Gay Marriage Ban In Florida Keys

A judge in the Florida Keys has overturned the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage after a legal challenge by six gay couples said it effectively made them second-class citizens.

The ruling was issued Thursday by Circuit Judge Luis M. Garcia and applies only to Monroe County, which covers the Keys. The lawsuit contended that the same-sex marriage ban approved by voters in 2008 violated the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under the law. The judge says licenses could be issued starting Tuesday.

Attorney General Pam Bondi and ban supporters argued that the referendum vote should be respected and that Florida has sole authority to define marriage in the state. The Florida amendment defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

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Lifetime gay blood ban not justifiable, says Europe Court of Justice Advocate General

A lifetime ban remains in France Get the latest LGBT headlines in your inbox with our free daily newsletter! Join Topics HIVgay menBisexual menmen who have sex with mengay and bisexual menMSMbloodgay blood banblood donationEuropean Court of Justiceblood donation restrictionsblood donation banblood donation rules Share on WhatsApp 0 reader comments

A lifetime ban preventing French gay men from donating blood is not justifiable, says the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice.

On Thursday, ECJ Advocate General Mengozzi declared that a sexual relationship between two men does not in itself constitute conduct that justifies permanent exclusion from giving blood.

The Advocate General was commenting on the case of Geoffrey Léger, a gay Frenchman who was prevented from giving blood in 2009 by the country’s blood agency.

Mr Mengozzi said France’s current policy was too broad and generic. It needed to take account of individual sexual behaviour, and not simply sexual orientation, the Advocate General warned.

Mr Mengozzi’s legal opinion stated: “By definitively excluding every man who has had, or has, sexual relations with another man from giving blood, the French legislation introduces obvious indirect discrimination on the combined bases of gender (men) and of sexual orientation (homosexuality and bisexuality).”

The Advocate General also pointed out the inconsistency of French law: for example, there is no specific donation ban on a woman whose partner has sexual relations with other men.

Moreover, a person whose partner is HIV positive is subject only to a temporary ban of four months, although, in such a case, the risk of exposure is real.

Heterosexuals who engage in frequent unprotected sex are also not subjected to the same policy as men who have sex with men (MSM).

The ECJ will now consider Mr Mengozzi’s opinion in relation to the case of Mr Léger. Judgment will be given at a later date.

A report commissioned last year by the French Government stated that prohibiting gay donors is now unnecessary because all donated blood is effectively screened for HIV.

In 2011, England, Wales and Scotland introduced a 12-month deferral for gay and bisexual men who wish to donate blood.

A lifetime ban remains in place in Northern Ireland – due to the insistence of Democratic Unionist Party Health Minister Edwin Poots.

The 12-month deferral for England, Wales and Scotland was chosen in part because of Hepatitis B, which disproportionately affects gay and bisexual men. While there is a four-week window between transmission and detection of HIV, Hepatitis B can take up to a year to be cleared by the body.

The South African Government in May replaced a six-month automatic deferral for gay and bisexual men with a new policy.

Under the new rules, all people

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Hong Kong: Trans marriages allowed to go ahead despite legislative stalling

The Legislative Council has delayed the bill until after its summer recess. Get the latest LGBT headlines in your inbox with our free daily newsletter! Join Topics trans rightsgender reassignment surgeryHong Konggender confirmation surgerytrans marriagecourt of final appeallegcolegislative delays Share on WhatsApp 0 reader comments

Transgender people in Hong Kong who have undergone full gender-reassignment surgeries will be able to marry from today, despite legislative stalling.

Last year, a trans woman known as

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