REVIEW: Superficial – The Glory, London

Superficial – The Glory, London

Written by Patrick Cash and directed by Luke Davies, Superficial takes us on a fast-faced journey through London gay scene, with all its pop music, masc4masc, drag divas and Pride.

Running for the duration of the real London LGBTI Pride Festival, the play follows characters from barmen to drag queens to property developers, as their lives entwine until an explosive climax on Pride night – exploring why gay men love divas, and what it means to be a proud gay man in 2016.

This production is reminiscent of Closer To Heaven by Pet Shop Boys – the action is set around a gay club, there is a strong use of music, and Cash gives us characters that are familiar and easily identifiable.

While the basement space at The Glory isn’t perfect for this kind of theatre, it does give the production a tremendous sense of intimacy – it’s immersion theatre by default.

Although there is occasionally a sense that Superficial is still a work in progress, Cash is clearly a talented writer – there’s some fantastic moments of laugh-out-loud humour, as well as dramatic scenes that help the audience connect with the emotions of the characters.


Superficial is playing at The Glory – Kingsland Road, London: 20 June – 1 July 2016.

Superficial – The Glory, London
Superficial – The Glory, London
Superficial – The Glory, London

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