I came face-to-face with someone in a gay club who tried to glass me

gay glass attack

I came face-to-face with two men I thought really wanted to hurt me in a gay club recently.

I was in my local gay club in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, in the Midlands of England a few weeks ago when it happened.

I was waiting for the cubicle in the restroom when the two guys came out – they looked like they were on drugs.

One of the guys saw me and said: ‘You’re an ugly cunt.’

I said: ‘Just move out my way let me go toilet.’

‘You want me smash this glass in your face?’ he replied.

His friend pulled my hair back and punched me and then he tried smash the glass in my face. One of them spat in my face.

I put my hand over my face to stop the glass smashing in my face and luckily a friend walked in and pulled them off me. The club’s bouncers then came in and removed the guys.

My clothes were ripped, I felt ashamed and broken, I didn’t like who I was anymore, no one should be made to feel like that. We shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are.

They were so angry and drunk, they really wanted to hurt me and since the attack I’ve suffered from major anxiety.

The recent shootings in Orlando really touched me. The attack I went through doesn’t compare to that. But something as tragic as the shootings takes us back about five steps and it’s hard to move forward again. It feels like you can’t keep fighting forever.

Even though things are gradually getting better, I still feel everyone’s out to get the LGBTI community. Once you’ve been a victim of an attack it changes your entire perception of how people view you.

But it’s not put me off going out. I’m hoping that by raising awareness about homophobic attacks, more people will come forward to report incidents and bring an end to such behavior.

People need to be more aware when they go out that it might not be as safe as they think.

Verbal abuse can be just as bad, if not worse, than physical action. They can be more hurtful and they leaving you doubting yourself. We are normal people, not freaks. Sexual orientation isn’t a hobby. It’s who we are as individuals.

gay nathan club attack

Nathan still enjoys nights out with his friends despite the attack

On the whole attitudes have changed in recent years and most people are more accepting. Unfortunately there are still some people who aren’t and we need stronger deterrents to change attitudes further.

People need to come forward and share their story and report it to the police. Without that reporting, nothing can be done.

I refuse to be intimidated and am concentrating on my career. But I ask everyone to stand up against hate attacks.

Nathan Thursfield is a model and reality star. Follow him on Twitter. Read the story of his Katie Price makeover here.


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