Read what political consultant Raynard Jackson says about Orlando massacre turned into campaign

Raynard Jackson believes gays are using Orlando attack for 'their' campaign

Raynard Jackson, political consultant, wrote in an article yesterday that gays and allies are using the Orlando attack as a campaign to ‘force the acceptance of homosexuality.’

‘As I predicted and expected, homosexuals have attempted to use the tragedy in Orlando to advance their ultimate political goal—forced acceptance of their lifestyle choices upon all Americans,’ he wrote.

He goes on to say that the murders that happened in Orlando had nothing to do with homosexuality and that it was ‘an act of terror, plain and simple!’

‘I fail to see the relevance of the murders taking place at a homosexual club,’ he says. ‘Why is that even relevant to the story? When tragedy strikes at a heterosexual club, the media never describes it as heterosexual. So why was it necessary for the media to indicate that Pulse was a homosexual club?’

With his beliefs rooted firmly in Christianity, Jackson believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman and that ‘homosexuals should not be legalized as a protected class’.

He also criticizes US President Obama’s response to the Orlando attack: ‘I told everyone you can best believe that the “first gay president” would move heaven and earth to make a personal visit to Orlando.’

‘When will the flags in Chicago be lowered to half-staff? When will they get a presidential visit? When will Obama demonstrably show anger about the constant, seemingly daily, loss of life there?’ he asks.

‘So, maybe, just maybe, if the family members of the murdered victims in Chicago were to posthumously “self-identify” their loved ones as homosexual, maybe the spotlight would be shined on the epidemic murder rate there.’

Raynard also tweeted yesterday about the Ivory Coast men who were attacked after the US Embassy ‘outed’ them:


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