This gay ex-Mormon may be the true heir to the British throne

James Ord could be the true heir to the British throne

Forget Princes Charles, William and George, the real heir to the British throne could in fact be a gay ex-Mormon from Salt Lake City.

James Knight Ord the III was outed as the possible next in line to be king by a British tabloid.

But admittedly, there is a lot of ‘maybes’ and guesswork in the historian’s findings in the Daily Mail.

Before ascending to the throne, King George the IV (the son of King George III who was monarch when the US gained independence from Britain), may have had an illegal marriage in the late 1700s to a Roman Catholic woman named Maria Fitzherbert.

When the then Prince George rose to the throne, the marriage was annulled.

Fitzherbert was forced to agree to end the marriage, but she may have held back.


James and ‘royal’ husband Steve

‘They tried to get her to sign the back of her marriage certificate that she had no issue, that there were no children of issue from the marriage and she, of course, refused to do so,’ Ord said.

If they had a child, Ord may be a direct descendant. But he might not even be the only one, as he estimates there could be 15 other James Ords who could claim the same lineage.

‘It’s fun to muse on, especially when I was a lad,’ Ord told Fox 13. ‘I am not the King of England, not by any stretch of the imagination.’

Ord is not asking for a DNA test either, the married gay attorney and dad of four adopted kids just enjoys learning about family history. The Ord family has also long since lost its claim to royalty.

So it looks like we’re stuck with the royals we’ve got.

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