This fabulous flag-twirling proposal at NYC Pride is gonna move you to tears – WATCH

'The Flaggots' put up one hell of a performance at NYC Pride parade

Flash mob proposal — passé much? It’s so overdone, ain’t nobody’s gonna fall for it anymore.

But what about being a performer at your own dance-proposal without you even knowing? Now that’s something new.

Gay couple Michael Richman and John Rabbia got engaged in a surprise proposal last week while the two were performing at the New York Pride parade.

The couple were part of a group of flag dancers called ‘The Flaggots’ at the festival. They actually met through the dance group three years ago when they joined.

According to BuzzFeed, both Michael and John practiced competitive flag-twirling when they were younger.

The two were also in a long-distance relationship for two years before John decided to move from upstate New York to NYC last year, which was about when he knew he wanted to propose to Michael.


Michael Richman (left) and John Rabbia (right) [via Facebook]

At the New York Pride, Michael had no idea that John had secretly enlisted the rest of their group to throw him a fabulous surprise proposal.

The dancers were proudly and skillfully raising, spinning and throwing their flags high up in the air to the upbeat tune of Jesse Glynne’s ‘Hold My Hand.’

Towards the end of the routine, one of the dancers pretended to have sprained his ankle to distract Michael.

John then made his way up to Michael from the back and then got down on one knee. Michael was clearly in shock when he finally realised what’s happening.


The video of this amazing performance-proposal has been viewed over 1 million times on Facebook, with more than 11,000 shares.

John explained to The Huffington Post why he planned to propose at the parade: ‘I wanted to propose to Michael the same way that we met: spinning flags at Pride.’

On his Facebook, Michael spoke of his utmost elation:

‘I’m so incredibly steamrolled with love! And I’m crying left and right uncontrollably out of joy! I cried when I woke up, I cried rewatching the proposal video, I cried alone in the shower!’ he wrote.

Congratulations John and Michael!


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