Two transgender athletes could make history at Rio Olympics

Trans people will be allowed to complete in the Olympics

Two trans women could make history by being the first athletes to be allowed to compete at openly transgender at the Olympics next month.

The athletes could be chosen to represent Team GB under new rules by the International Olympic Committee.

Trans men and women are now allowed to take part in the Olympics without having undergone gender reassignment surgery, but for women their testosterone has to be below a certain level for at least a year to qualify.

Trans female athletes also cannot change their identity for sporting purposes for a minimum of four years. They may also be subject to random hormone testing. If they do not comply, they could face banning from the sport for a year.

The new guidelines say trans men can compete in male categories without restriction.


Triathlete Chris Mosier

The two British athletes have not been named, but have already represented the UK in Europe and one of them recently achieved a personal best.

Della Johnson, a sports transgender consultant, said there will be a fear they could have an unfair biological advantage – but the IOC rules will prevent this.

‘They should be selected but they fear they will be deemed too tricky – too many issues, too much negativity,’ Johnston, who is also a transgender woman, told Mail on Sunday.

She added the athletes said they may purposefully lose a race just to avoid any controversy that could emerge if they won.

The IOC and the British Olympic Association have both declined to make a comment.

While no currently performing Olympic athlete has ever come out as trans, with Caitlyn Jenner being a different story, it does open it up for athletes are open about their gender identity.

Triathlete Chris Mosier, who is hoping to make Team USA at the Summer Olympics, could become the first openly trans athlete to benefit from the new guidelines.

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