Gay man films homophobic abuse as argument breaks out between passengers on bus

Gay man who had a selfie with Nicola Sturgeon at Pride was abused hours later

A gay man has filmed himself facing homophobic abuse on a bus on the way home from Edinburgh Pride.

Rhys Smith, 23, filmed as a heated argument broke out on a bus between his friends and a foul-mouthed retired man appearing to be in his 60s or 70s.

He said he was sharing the footage to ‘shame the stupid fool’.

It took place after Smith had joined the thousands that had come to celebrate the Pride event, with him even getting a selfie with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

It is thought to have been filmed in Leith Walk in the early hours of Sunday morning (3 July).

The man repeatedly calls Smith an ‘asshole’, and then says you ‘probably take it up the asshole’ to the gasps from other passengers – including what appears to be the man’s wife.


‘We had done absolutely nothing to antagonize him or draw attention to ourselves on this bus,’ Smith said. ‘

Granted from this video it seems that our response seems like the more aggressive party, but we reacted in defense. ‘The principle of the matter if that no abuse or hate crime should be tolerated. Gay, straight, black, white, disabled, NOTHING! It’s 2016 for goodness sake’.

He added: I hope this get shared so this stupid fool is shamed!’

‘If I was still in my drag I’d have kind of understood it or at least understood why me.

‘Apologies for the language and the way we reacted! Probably not the most composed, mature approach.

‘However on the spot, the rage and anger took us over! We did nothing to provoke this at all. We were exhausted and just having chats and giggles on the bus.’

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