Mormon church leaders blasted over gay suicides by singer Tyler Glenn

Tyler Glenn os Neon Trees is blasting the Mormon Church for gay suicides

Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn is blasting leaders of the Mormon Church whose doctrine he blames for a spate of recent LGBTI suicides.

‘There’s blood of your members on your hands,’ the openly gay Glenn says through tears in a Facebook video posted this week.

Glenn, who came out publicly in 2014 as a gay man, held up photos of two gay male teens – both Mormon – who committed suicide in the past week.

He said it’s been reported that there have been two other recent LGBTI suicides within the church and more than 40 since last November.

‘Please don’t let this be the summer of more gay suicides,’ Glenn said.

‘Please make a space for your gay members. Please tell them they are okay and they are made in the image of God and they are not flawed. Please stop telling them they are abnormal.’

The Church of Latter Day Saints announced last November that children of same-sex couples may not be baptized or blessed and harsh new rules were announced of members in a same-sex relationship or marriage.

Glenn called on Church President Russell Nelson and other LDS leaders to respond to ‘the confusion, chaos and destruction’ the rules have caused.

‘I came to know God through your church,’ Glenn also says in the video. ‘I served on a mission and I converted people to this plan. This plan has no space for me. This plan is flawed. There is either no God or God isn’t speaking to you. Maybe it’s both but you have a responsibility to speak to us.’

H/T: The New Civil Rights Movement

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