Trans supermodel Andreja Pejic talks about her decision to transition publicly

International supermodel Andreja Pejic

Transgender supermodel Andreja Pejic reflected upon coming out publicly with her transition and said she regretted nothing about it.

In her interview with ES Magazine, the 24-year-old said that going public about her journey has helped to prevent some potentially awkward moments in the dating world:

‘If I go on a date, I don’t have to worry about that moment when he finds out.’

Born Andrej Pejic in Bosnia, the model moved to Melbourne, Australia, as a refugee with her mother and younger brother when she was eight.

At 16, she was scouted as a model while working at McDonald’s. Pejic revealed that at that time she was ordering illegal medication online that would help delay puberty and wanted to work as a model to earn enough money for surgery and then leave the fashion industry.

In 2014, Pejic underwent gender reassignment surgery, three years after modelling both male and female collections for Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris.

In 2015, she became the first trans model to be profiled by American Vogue, and just this March, she was on the cover of global fashion magazine Marie Claire’s Spanish edition.


On her transition, Pejic commented: ‘I never imagined I’d be so public about it. Perhaps if I was in a different profession, I wouldn’t have worn “trans” on my forehead. But there’s a difference between not wanting to make a big deal of something and fearing the effect it will have on my life. It’s all out there now.’

‘I’m not a 19-year-old alien any more, I’m a mature woman,’ she said.

On whether she had any regrets with the surgery, this is what she said:

‘God, no. I was like: “Throw it away.”’

She added that she even thought of having g a ‘pussy shower’ to celebrate the milestone.

‘I’d planned on a pussy shower, ‘ she said. ‘But actually the time afterwards wasn’t easy as I had to work out what to do with my career.’

Pejic also thought of quitting modelling. ‘But then I thought, “You may as well own this.” I’ve invested a lot in this career. And now amazing things are happening, which are testament to the times we live in.’

Currently, the supermodel is dating a New York real estate agent. ‘It’s been great,’ she said. ‘And the best part is that he sees me as just another girl he has a special connection with. It’s nice to have that connection to a world outside activism and fashion.’

H/t: Evening Standard


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