I received death threats when I came out at school

school bullying

Any child can become the victim of bullying, but LGBTI children continue to be particularly susceptible to being picked on for being perceived as different.

At the Diana Award Stand-Up To Bullying showcase in central London on Tuesday, GSN spoke to several young people who have been on the receiving end of bullying.

Tom Broughton, 18, spoke about how he began to be picked upon for not wanting to join in with typically manly sports at school.

‘The bullying started from snide remarks, using the word gay as an insult; even if it wasn’t directed at me, the whole ‘that’s so gay’ as an insult had a massive impact.’

In year 11, Tom – who is now an anti-bullying ambassador for the Diana Award – says someone he regarded as a friend stood up in the school common room and outed him, based on nothing but gossip and speculation. Two months later, when Tom properly decided to come out, he received anonymous death threats via social media.

Hear his story, and how he thinks the education system can be improved, below.


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