New Tarzan film cuts gay kiss from final edit

Alexander Skarsgard stars in the Legend of Tarzan

Tarzan has critics questioning if the hero swings both ways after it has been revealed the new film cut a gay kiss from the final edit.

The new adaptation about the king of the jungle features on Tarzan’s relationship with Jane, as usual, but there was a subplot that included a kiss with Captain Leon Rom.

With the soldier played by Christoph Waltz, and Tarzan played by Alexander Skarsgård, director David Yates wanted to make the homoerotic undertones in the film explicit.

‘We pared it back because it was almost too much,’ Yates told The Times. ‘It was this really odd, odd moment when Christoph kisses him.

‘We loved it at the time. But early test audiences were perplexed by it and in the end it just felt too clever and overworked.’

The scene saw Captain Rom, sent by King Leopold of Belgium to take hold of the region, kissing Tarzan while he was unconscious.

In the deleted scene, the captain told Jane: ‘Your husband’s wildness disturbs me more than I can even express’.

We haven’t seen the scene. But if Captain Rom was just fulfilling the hackneyed stereotype of the ‘gay villain’, removing it might be for the best.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Skarsgård has engaged in playing out some same-sex love. On True Blood, he played a pansexual vampire that was shown having gay sex.

‘You just have to embrace it,’ he told PrideSource. ‘They’re incredible scenes.’

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