Andrea Leadsom’s website is being redirected to a gay advocacy site

Andrea Leadsom abstained on voting for same-sex marriage

The candidate for prime minister Andrea Leadsom has suffered an embarrassing cyber assault, after reasonably-sounding domains were redirected.

Fans and enemies alike might be surprised to find, and don’t actually take them to the Leadsom’s website. actually takes you to Stonewall, the UK-based LGBTI rights advocacy group.

The two other websites, and, will take you to the Labour party and a hoax website respectively. shows off all Leadsom’s ‘bats**t’ views: Viewers can cycle through them by clicking the ‘more crap’ or ‘more BS’ buttons.


Some quotes from the prospective Tory leader include: ‘And if that weren’t enough, the two strangers are a gay couple, who have been selected ahead of several heterosexual couples’, and: ‘The child of a single parent family is 70% more likely to have problems at school, and even to become a drug addict or a criminal.’

Leadsom is one of two remaining candidates in the race, neither of which have a spotless record on LGBTI rights.

The MP for South Northamptonshire positively abstained from the vote on gay marriage, saying she was ‘torn’ between the rights of gay couples and religious groups.

This week she was linked to an anti-gay school group in Uganda; she has been running an exchange program with them for over ten years, Buzzfeed reported.

Teresa May, her opposition and current home secretary, voted in favor of gay marriage for the UK, but is said to have made seeking asylum from homophobic countries harder for gay refugees.

Her real website is

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