26 of the most sensational photos from 2016’s Pride Barcelona

'Hey man, I'm on the float. I'm in my briefs - does that narrow it down?'

Yes, Pride Barcelona is on and as always it’s a feast for the eyes.

The photos below show patrons carousing by the Plaça d’Espanya in the well known city on the Med coast.

Barcelona_Pride_2016_11 Barcelona_Pride_2016_10 Barcelona_Pride_2016_9

This year’s theme was ‘TRANS* PEOPLE: As common, as diverse’.

Pride Barcelona said: ‘Today we gathered here to celebrate and make visible our pride and especially trans people, giving our support for an inclusive, non-binary gender vision about gender.

Barcelona_Pride_2016_8 Barcelona_Pride_2016_7 Barcelona_Pride_2016_6

‘We reject: the phobias to our way of being, dogmatism that pigeonholed us, the distorted view that many people still have of us.

Barcelona_Pride_2016_5 Barcelona_Pride_2016_4

‘Now is the time to work everyone together and rise up.’

Barcelona_Pride_2016_3 Barcelona_Pride_2016_2 Barcelona_Pride_2016_1 Barcelona_Pride_2016_23 Barcelona_Pride_2016_12 Barcelona_Pride_2016_22 Barcelona_Pride_2016_21 Barcelona_Pride_2016_20

It’s been reported as many as 25,000 people are marching this year.

Friday evening featured a Drag Queen Gala with local celebrities and a high heel race along the Moll de la Fusta.

The night concluded with a foam party.

Barcelona_Pride_2016_19 Barcelona_Pride_2016_18 Barcelona_Pride_2016_17 Barcelona_Pride_2016_16 Barcelona_Pride_2016_15

The parade march on Saturday began at Plaça Espanya and made its way through the Parallel to Fusta’s Pier, where the partying pictured above and below took place.

It was reportedly very hot and sunny.

Barcelona_Pride_2016_14 Barcelona_Pride_2016_13 Barcelona_Pride_2016_24 Barcelona_Pride_2016_26 Barcelona_Pride_2016_25

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