Watch: new Philippines commercial tackles gay man coming out to family

coming out

A new commercial from a smart communications company in the Philippines is winning plaudits for showing how difficult it can be for LGBTIs coming out to their family.

In the commercial, a gay man, Kevin, struggles with his dad’s Facebook friend request, as there are pictures of him with his boyfriend on his Facebook profile.

At a family dinner later, the dad asks Kevin why he hasn’t accepted his request. Kevin awkwardly ignores the question.

But after deliberating, Kevin decides to accept the request, and sends a text message that says: ‘Dad, I’ve accepted you.’

The dad responds with a message that reads: ‘Me too, my son.’

Viewers support coming out commercial

The commercial currently has almost 500,000 views on YouTube.

And the response from viewers has been overwhelmingly positive, with one viewer writing: ‘Smart Communications, thank you for being on the right side of history.’

coming out

Another wrote: ‘First time I did not skip an ad on YouTube! Really love this!’

Others thanked the company for being so openly supportive of the LGBTI community.

The Philippines is a majority Roman Catholic country, a typically conservative religion when it comes to LGBTI issues.

Indeed, same-sex civil unions have only just been legalized in Italy, the world center of Roman Catholicism, making it the last Western European country to legalize gay civil unions. The right for same-sex couples to adopt is an ongoing battle in Italy.

However, the Philippines is also one of a handful of Asian nations to be relatively liberal about LGBTI issues, and the public support for the Smart Communications advert seems a measure of growing support.

That said, this summer, anti-gay Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao ran a successful campaign to enter the country’s senate, despite saying gay people were ‘worse than animals’.

Read about what life is like for a lesbian mom in the Philippines here.


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