Of dildos and ‘dilators,’ trans YouTuber discusses post-op essentials (VIDEO)

In the video, Vu shows her set of four dilators of different colors and varying sizes.

When we hear the term ‘gender reassignment surgery’ (GRS), people usually think of what happens during the surgery, like what part of which is taken away, or what has been added.

Some might go further and wonder what are the pre-op administrative work or the physical and mental preparations that one needs to achieve before going into the operation theatre.

But what about after the surgery? Most people don’t ask about that. Perhaps because they thought that once the surgery is over, there is nothing more to worry about.

However, the reality is that male-to-female GRS patients actually have a number of things on their daily checklist that they have to fulfil post-op.

Speaking on the topic of ‘dilation,’ popular transgender YouTuber Julie Vu has much knowledge to share.

For a trans woman, dilation is the practice of maintaining the size and depth of the vaginal canal that is constructed during the GRS.

A medical instrument called the ‘dilator’ has to be used by the patient on a regular basis after the surgery.

‘Now, one of the most important questions, or the most frequently asked question is, do you have to dilate for the rest of your life,’ Vu says in her video. ‘The answer is yes.’

How often does the patient have to do so?

Well, in the first few months following the surgery, the patients needs to dilate 2-4 times a day with different sized dilators. Each dilator needs to be in for 10-15 minutes.

That sure sounds like a whole lot of work, especially for working adults. Imagine carrying your dilators to work and needing to take long toilet breaks through the day at the office.

And the experience of using dilators ain’t as comfortable as one wishes too, Vu shares. ‘They’re hard, they’re plastic, they are cold, they’re uncomfortable to be inside you.’

Thankfully, a year after the surgery, the patient only needs to dilate once a week, though sexual intercourse would count as one session of dilation too.

‘If you have sex once every week, you’re good to go, you don’t have to dilate with these instruments,’ says Vu.

The Canadian YouTuber also explores the possibility of using a dildo for dilation, and even demo-ed her use of the new dildo she bought from a sex shop in the video.

‘I did try [the dildo] last night… it was amazing. It felt so real, especially like the head and stuff. It felt like an actual penis inside me,’ Vu says. ‘It felt really good going in, but let me tell you, pulling it out, it was kind of like, not painful, but had that weird sensation… because of the suction of the head.’

Watch the intriguing and information video here:



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