Brisbane unveils new rainbow footpath to promote inclusion and diversity

Brisbane offers love and support for its LGBTI citizens and allies

LGBTI citizens and their allies in Brisbane, Australia, has a good reason to celebrate as their city has installed a new rainbow footpath to promote inclusivity, diversity and pride among its people.

The Brisbane City Council unveiled the fabulous public artwork on Tuesday, according to Same Same.

The rainbow footpath was actually proposed by Brisbane LGBTIQ Action Group last year.

The plan was to have rainbow colors painted on a roadway. However, Queensland’s road regulations do not permit it, and so the artwork was installed at Leichardt Street in Spring Hill, outside the iconic Sportsman Hotel instead.

(Via Same Same)

(Via Same Same)

(Via Same Same)

(Via Same Same)

(Via Same Same)

(Via Same Same)

The Council has also mounted a brass plaque by the rainbow footpath.

‘Brisbane is a place where our differences are celebrated and our similarities unite us, where we value our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community,’ the plaque reads. ‘This rainbow artwork is a symbol of inclusion and diversity, and a call to end prejudice and discrimination.’

(Via Same Same)

(Via Same Same)

Member of Brisbane LGBTIQ Action Group, John Ebert, described the footpath as ‘a sign that all Brisbane citizens are respected’ and that it celebrates the contributions that LGBTI citizens make to the city.

This is not the first rainbow footpath installed in Australia.

In 2014, the city of Melbourne decided to make the temporary rainbow footpaths painted to welcome delegates of the International AIDS Conference a permanent fixture.

Currently, the country from down under is fighting for marriage equality. It is still unsure if the Australian government will be conducting a vote on allowing same-sex marriage in the country.

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