Man behind WOW air’s TF-GAY plane name is gay pilot – and yes, he’s hot, blond and pictured here

Remember news of the TF-GAY? Well, the pilot behind the name has come out, so to speak...

TF-GAY, the bright purple plane from WOW air, made headlines when it was unveiled earlier this year.

Now, it’s in the news again, because the man who came up with its name has stepped forward, revealing himself as gay pilot Ögmundur Gíslason.

The blonde Iceland native made the admission in a recent interview with

Speaking to the publication, Gislason said: ‘Skúli Mogensen [Wow air’s owner and CEO] is a very intelligent individual. He listens to his staff and their arguments.

Ögmundur Gíslason, your favourite new gay pilot

Ögmundur Gíslason, your new favourite gay pilot… Picture: WOW air

‘So, on a whim I decided to send him an email one night and asked him if it wasn’t a splendid idea to register the aircraft flying the inaugural flight to San Francisco – one of our new Airbus A330 – as TF-GAY!’

He added: ‘Skúli is bold and he’s brave and I thought this was a very risky move for the airline. I even talked to the people in the marketing department and told them that some might take offence; that people wouldn’t want to fly with WOW air because of this.

‘But they had already thought that through and just said that the company policy was to travel with positive, fun and open-minded people, not narrow-minded ones.’

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