First Pride in Israel city Beersheba cancelled after court order

Israel holds Pride in Tel Aviv

LGBTI rights activists have cancelled an Isreali city’s first ever Pride after the Supreme Court restricted the event’s route.

On Thursday, Pride goers were hoping to march down the main thoroughfare in southern Israel’s largest city Beersheba.

However, police said there was a strong likelihood of violence which could be ‘life-threatening’ against the participants. They also feared Pride-goers would also resort to violence to defend themselves.

The city claimed it was afraid of offending local religious groups.

The court suggested the participants choose an alternative route, but organizers said the point of Pride is to be seen in society.

Beersheba activists will instead hold a protest in front of the city hall.

Last year, a 16-year-old was fatally stabbed, with five more people injured, by a Jewish religious extremist armed with a knife at Jerusalem Pride.

Tel Aviv Pride is one of the largest LGBTI events in the world. It attracted 200,000 people to the city in 2016.

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