‘T’ in Trump penetrates ‘P’ in Pence in new campaign logo


Donald Trump’s choice of Mike Pence as his presidential running mate is getting lots of buzz – and so is their oddly suggestive new campaign logo.

The top of the new official logo that looks like an American flag interlocks the first letter of each man’s last name. It has been deemed as sexual by some in the Twitterverse since the ‘T’ in Trump penetrates the hole of the ‘P’ in Pence.

Former Michigan Congressman John Dingell took to Twitter to ask: ‘What is the T doing to that P?’

Journalist Adam Sneed tweeted: ‘Who knew two letters could look so suggestive.’

The creator of President Obama’s 2008 campaign logo, Michael Deppisch, thinks the Trump-Pence logo is so bad that he quickly designed one himself (See below):


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