LGBT activitst group condemn FBI theory on Orlando shooting

A recent protest following the shootings

Queer Nation NY, an LGBT activist group, has condemned the status of the FBI investigation into the Orlando Massacre.

The group argue the Orlando shooting was definitely a hate crime.

An FBI official told the Washington Post that ‘the investigation hasn’t revealed that he targeted Pulse because it was a gay club.’

The attack killed 49 and injured 53 people attending a Latin night at the gay club Pulse, on June 13, in Orlando, Florida.

QN said they have ‘far more experience with hate crimes than the FBI’ and this was ‘clearly… an act of hate.’

They said: ‘Sadly, we have far more experience with hate crimes than the FBI, which rarely investigates such crimes, and we also know that law enforcement is notorious for resisting branding crimes as motivated by hate.

‘When a killer drives two hours out of his way to murder 49 people and wound another 53, that wasn’t a random selection. When he declares allegiance to an organization that is also known for killing LGBTQ people, among too many others, it’s not a coincidence that he targeted an LGBTQ club.

‘We’ve seen this before too many times so we know a hate crime when we see one—the Pulse Nightclub massacre was a hate crime.’

Queer Nation broke away from the HIV/AIDS activist group ACT UP in the 90s.

The FBI investigation is ongoing.

There has been a lot of controversy over interpretations of the Orlando shooting as a hate crime or as a crime against humanity.

A British journalist Owen Jones stormed out of an interview on Sky News. He said the host refused to call the massacre homophobic.

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