11 dynamic, powerful Pride pics from around the world, from Uganda to Jamaica

Montego Bay Pride in Jamaica may be small, but its impact in incalculable

In the wake of last month’s massacre in Orlando, the LGBTI Pride movement is more necessary than ever.

Fortunately, there are more Prides around the world than ever before, and attendance frequently breaks records. But it’s fair to say these celebrations come in all shapes and sizes.

A new photo gallery celebrating the ongoing crusade, called United Nations: The Exhibition, is to go on display at this year’s Brighton Pride (5-7 August).

‘Many, many LGBTI people are still living with bigoted legislation and hate crime across the world,’ Brighton Pride’s Kate Wildblood, a curator for the exhibit, tells Gay Star News.

‘The exhibition celebrates the brave activists and organisers who defy the laws and the bigots by staging Pride events.’

Uniting Nations is also the overall theme of this year’s Brighton Pride.

She continues: ‘The concept came from Brighton Pride director Paul Kemp’s passion for campaigning and ensuring ours is a Pride with purpose. We wanted to bring together a set of images from Pride events across the world to connect us together as a global LGBTI family.

‘Many Prides around the world were kind enough to send us their images and messages of hope, sharing what Pride means to them in their country and their dreams for the future.

‘Be it 10 people at Montego Bay Pride, the fifty or so people at Uganda Pride, the activist in Iraq or the brave few defying a Pride ban in Istanbul, their stories are so inspiring.’

Here, we take a sneak peek at some of the compelling pictures from the exhibit, from Pride-goers in countries such as Jamaica, Lithuania and China.

1 Bali Pride


Credit: M

2 Baltic Pride in Vilnius, Lithuania


Credit: Augustas Didzgalvis

3 Brighton Pride in England


Credit: Chris Jepson

4 Columbo Pride in Sri Lanka


Credit: Equal Ground

5 Istanbul Pride in Turkey


6 Mongolia Pride in Ulaanbaatar


Credit: Gonto Erdeneburen

7 Montego Bay Pride in Jamaica


Credit: Maurice Tomlinson

8 Pink Dot Hong Kong, China


Credit: Pink Dot

9 Uganda Pride in Entebbe


Credit: Kyabayinze Vincent

10 Antwerp Pride in Belgium


Credit: Tjap Pintoe

11 The Uniting Nations poster

For more information about Pride Uniting Nations click here. For more information about Brighton Pride, click here.

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