Comic books are about to get its first lead transgender superhero

Trans woman is Alters' lead character

A new comic book will be the first time a transgender superhero will lead a title.

Chalice, the star of new superhero series ‘Alters’, is being described as a ‘hero for the new age’.

Paul Jenkins, the comic book’s author, said the main character will have not come out to her family yet and can only present as a female when in costume.

So unlike other superheroes who only have one secret identity – Chalice has two.

As an ‘Alter’, someone with a mutant power, she will be able to manipulate gravity so she can fly.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.33.42

Other characters in the series include a homeless woman, a man with PTSD and a quadriplegic.

‘The Alters series focuses on characters that have different forms of disadvantage, whether they are marginalized by society or struggling with their gender identity,” said Jenkins, who was raised by a gay single mom.

Chalice’s transition will be the ‘driving factor of the story’.

‘[She] helps other people when she makes a second transition into an Alter and does that through the lens of compassion,’ he said.

Alters #1 will be available on 7 September.

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