Lady Gaga sings ‘Born This Way’ a capella for kids at foster home in Mexico

Lady gaga

Mother Monster is currently taking a long-deserved break with her friends in Mexico and while on the roads, she stopped by a children’s foster home in Cabo San Lucas to surprise the kids.

Gaga went to Casa Hogar, a non-profit home for boys, where she also did a short impromptu performance of her 2011 hit, ‘Born This Way.’


The Grammy winner later posted the video on Twitter and called for fans to donate to the cause:


On Instagram, Gaga shared a photo saying that she misses the boys at the home.

Already miss the boys at Casa Hogar. Wore my shwag out on the town. mis amores. ❤️⚽️

A photo posted by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) on Jul 17, 2016 at 11:46pm PDT



On Gaga Daily‘s forum, one fan wrote: ‘She really never takes a break from using her position in life to spread compassion, it’s very admirable.’

Another added, ‘It is really wonderful that she would take the time during her vacation to do this. You can’t take a break from compassion.’

Last month at the Los Angeles vigil for the victims of the Orlando shooting, the 30-year-old superstar gave an emotional reading of the names of the 49 killed in the tragedy.

Gaga also did a joint presentation with the Dalai Lama at the U.S. Conference of Mayors later in June, where she spoke on issues of humanity, self-esteem, and striving for peace, reports EW.

‘Caring for others and having compassion, it gives you a sense of purpose, so it helps you to feel less alone and alienated so you know we all belong together,’ she said at the event.

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