UK Olympic gymnast Max Whitlock shows off his pommel horse skills – WATCH

Max Whitlock also models for Adidas UK as one of their star athletes

Olympic gymnast Max Whitlock shows off some difficult moves on the pommel horse as he shares with fans how he gets ready for the upcoming 2016 Olympics that will be held in Rio next month.

Last week, the 23-year-old Hertfordshire native announced his elation on social media when he learned that he will be part of Team GB in the Rio Games.

// year at the 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships held in Glasgow, Scotland, Whitlock with his outstanding performance on the pommel horse became the first British man to clinch a World Championship gold medal.

In January, Whitlock collaborated with Gillette in the World Sports series which features athletes on their journey to the Olympics.

In the video, Whitlock describes his love for the pommel horse, his specialty, which he first tried when he was seven.

‘I love training, and I’ve loved it since I was seven years old,’ he says.

The pommel horse is described as ‘one of the most technically and physically demanding events in gymnastics,’ but Whitlock makes it look a piece of cake in the video, with his skilled mastery of the quick twirling movements.

Whitlock’s coach, Scott Hann, is also featured in the video. He praises Whitlock’s determination and focus in the sport, and says that he is an ‘easy’ athlete to work with.

‘What I’ve learned in the years of training and competing is you have to go for it, really, and you can’t hold back,’ says Whitlock.

The gymnast also shares about why athletes have their nerves get to them at competitions:

‘I think the reason why you get so nervous is because you train so hard for many many years, and all this effort and hard work goes into that one performance on that one day,’ he says.

Whitlock adds: ‘And if you can pull it off, it’s an amazing feeling.’

Watch the interview here:

H/t: NNN

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