Caitlyn Jenner at GOP convention hoping for ‘positive changes’

Caitlyn Jenner will be in Cleveland during the Republican convention

Caitlyn Jenner said at a GOP Convention brunch today that coming out as a Republican was harder than coming out as transgender.

The 66-year-old reality show star appeared at what was billed as a ‘Big Tent’ LGBTI brunch held by the American Unity Fund.

‘They already nominated Donald (Trump) last night so I can’t get in the running but I can make a difference,’ Jenner said as she settled in.

Jenner reiterated that she is a Republican, a party which this week adopted the most anti-LGBTI platform in its history.

‘… I have to admit I’ve been very disappointed over the last 5-10 years but I won’t give up hope on it… The Democratic Party does a better job when it comes to the LGBT community, the trans community – all that kind of stuff and (President Barack) Obama actually has been very good from that standpoint.

‘I think the Republican Party needs to understand, they need to know people who are trans…. It was easy to come out as trans, it was harder to come out as a Republican.’

She added: ‘Hopefully we can all make some positive changes if we all work together.’

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