Alyssa Edwards swoons over Murray Swanby and his hot summer bod – WATCH

Murray Swanby and Alyssa Edwards

In the latest episode of ‘Alyssa Edwards’ Secret,’ the tongue-clicking drag host gets some one-on-one time with super duper delicious male model, Murray Swanby, whom she just can’t get her hands off of.

‘Look at these guns!’ Alyssa exclaimed as Murray joined her on screen. ‘They shoot hearts, like Cupid.’

The thirsty host couldn’t stop touching the model’s arms as he sat beside her. ‘This is soft, oh my god!’

Alyssa then asked Murray if he’s single or not. And the answer was… he’s single, though it’s quite unclear what ‘single’ really means.

The model later clarified that he rather gets a boyfriend than one-night-stands. ‘I prefer boyfriend, over like, weekend hook-ups all the time,’ said Murray.

‘So you use this body for the right reasons?’ Alyssa asked, to which Murray answered, ‘Yah, sorry boys.’

And FYI, ICYMI, Murray was previously rumored to be having a little something with Twilight star, Taylor Lautner, after they were seen together at a gay nightclub.

It was thought that Lautner was going to come out as gay then, but Murray defended him, saying that he’s straight.

‘If Taylor Lautner was coming out, I would have taken him home Thursday night,’ Murray wrote on his social media.

And of course, Murray had to take off his shirt, as ordered by Alyssa, for the interview to continue.

The pair then talked about situations where guys hit on Murray while he’s on the roads — not without some roleplaying.

Hilarity ensued as Alyssa tried to flirt with Murray with a faked deep-voice and some shamelessly persistent courting.

Murray also gave some useful tips on how to get a summer bod if you don’t have a gym membership.

Watch the funny yet sexy episode here:

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