Why Chris Colfer doesn’t want to bad-mouth ‘click hole’ Trump

Chris Colfer will star in Ab Fab: The Movie

You won’t see Chris Colfer taking to Twitter to badmouth Donald Trump.

The former Glee star, who has a role as a hairdresser in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, supports Democrat Hillary Clinton but has so far stayed clear of any Twitter wars.

‘If I’m gonna have a voice politically, I want it to be positivity for Hillary,’ he tells SiriusXM Progress. ‘I don’t want it to be negativity for Donald Trump. Because I feel like people get trapped in that.

‘As soon as you say something negative about Trump that’s all that people post, that’s all that people write. Because he’s a click hole.’

Colfer, 26, was raised in a Republican household in which he secretly admired then First Lady Hillary Clinton.

‘All of my family were Republican — they’re still Republican,’ he explains. ‘Our dinner table arguments should be filmed, because they’re so hysterical.

‘She was constantly on the news for being ambitious. I remember even as a kid people were labeling her as, “How dare this first lady be ambitious?” like it was a negative quality. And I remember seeing how many times she was publicly told, “No, you can’t do that. No, no, no.” And she always said, “Yes, and…Yes.” I remember as a kid secretly looking up to her. I think she’s quite extraordinary.’

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