Franklin Graham blasts NBA for moving All-Star Game from North Carolina

Franklin Graham is blasting the NBA

It’s a shame that the NBA announced today that they’re pulling their 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, NC. The fact is this—the North Carolina legislators and Governor Pat McCrory are exactly right for protecting the state’s women and children from pedophiles and sexually disturbed people who are looking for opportunities to take advantage. This is basic common sense, but the NBA cares more about being perceived as politically correct and catering to sexual activists who are trying to use this situation as a scare tactic to gain leverage to change North Carolina’s law. I think the NBA needs to realize that the safety of women and children is far more important than a ball game. They have every right to have their games anywhere they chose, but to move out of North Carolina to try to “punish” the state for protecting women and children is wrong. There are millions of Christians who love to watch basketball—and I’m one of them—but I can tell you now, I’m not going to watch their All-Star Game and I hope thousands of others will tell them that they’re not going to watch either. You can let the NBA know on their Facebook page that you’re not going to watch. And we need to let the sponsors of this All-Star Game know that we don’t agree with this decision and don’t have to buy their products.

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