Trans model Carmen Carrera shares ways women can help out in the LGBTQ community

Carmen Carrera speaks to Allure magazine

In an interview with women’s magazine, Allure, transgender activist, supermodel and actress Carmen Carrera shares her inspirations in life and urges women to step up and help out in the LGBTQ community.

Speaking candidly, Carrera shares about what she uses as motivation to overcome adversities in life.

‘If I ever feel like I don’t know what to do next, I always think about WWJD,’ Carrera says in the video. ‘What would J.Lo do?’

The 31-year-old describes Jennifer Lopez as her role model as she views her as the ‘epitome of feminine sensuality mixed with show-stopping beauty.’

Carrera also encourages people to look at the bright side of things, just as she did with her transgender experience.

‘I’m blessed to be living in this body right now,’ she says.

Carrera believes that her visibility as a trans woman helps people understand that there is possibility in change.

On the subject of beauty, the actress shares that she hopes that people would embrace themselves for who they are, and to have fun.

‘I pride myself in being a valuable asset to the female population,’ she adds. ‘That’s how I think about myself: I need to be a good woman, I need to be a healthy woman, and I also need to take care of myself.’

Speaking from an activist’s point of view, Carrera thinks that women could help out a lot in the LGBTQ community.

‘Just with like, comfort, advice, just lending your ear, support, understanding,’ she says.

Watch the interview here:

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