‘Romeo and Juliet’ balcony open to civil unions

This amazing part of Verona's heritage is now available to gay couples

The most iconic location in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is open for civil unions, the city of Verona has announced.

The balcony in Verona is said to have belonged to the family who inspired Shakespeare’s Capulet family, to which Juliet belonged.

The city of Verona (the setting of Romeo and Juliet) announced that all venues available to straight couples to be married must now be available to same sex couples – this includes the famous balcony.

Verona’s mayor Flavio Tosi called the decision a ‘symbol’.

The house was home to the many centuries old del Cappello family.

It’s an extremely popular tourist attraction, which has recently been renovated to include a fresco depicting the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

A Valentine’s Day special wedding in the house with period accoutrements costs €600 ($658.50) for others, but just €300 ($329.25) for Veronese residents.

Civil unions have only just been made legal in Italy, passing in May this year, making it the last of the major European countries to do so. Civil unions will begin in mid-August, Democratic party senator Monica Cirinnà has said.

While the new bill passed amid heavy controversy and debate, it was a slimmed down version from what was originally planned.

A greater rights bill would’ve included better parental rights for same sex couples and gay marriage, but it was defeated.

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