Facebook diversity stats reveal LGBTQ numbers for the first time

Facebook / Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has finally decided to include LGBTQ in the annual statistical report of its workforce diversity.

In the data released earlier this month, Facebook reports that of the 61% of its workforce who responded, 7% of those surveyed identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or asexual.

‘We are proud to support the LGBTQ community through our policies, products and extensive benefits for our employees,’ wrote Global Director of Diversity, Maxine Williams, in the announcement of the new stats.

The report also segments the employees according to gender and race.

Facebook’s workforce is 67% men and 33% women. In tech jobs e.g. coding, the disparity widens to a gaping 83% men and 17% women. In non-tech jobs, the numbers are more balanced, at 47% men and 53% women.

There are more men in senior leadership (73%) than women (27%).

When looking at race, 52% of employees are white, 38% are Asian, while only 4% are Hispanic, and 2% are black.

In tech jobs, numbers for Hispanic and black workers drops even lower to 3% and 1% respectively.

In response to the disproportionate figures, Williams included some short-, medium- and long-term plans in the report that would hopefully help Facebook sustain a more diverse workforce in the future.

The company is also committing to $15 million to Code.org, a non-profit initiative aiming to improve computer science education in public schools, and also continue to invest in TechPrep, an online resource available in both English and Spanish for kids and their parents and guardians who want to learn more about computer science and programming.

‘We still have a long way to go, but as we continue to strive for greater change, we are encouraged by positive hiring trends,’ Williams said.

She added: ‘For example, while our current representation in senior leadership is 3% Black, 3% Hispanic and 27% women, of new senior leadership hires at Facebook in the US over the last 12 months, 9% are Black, 5% are Hispanic and 29% are women.’

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