Keegan Hirst accused of ‘having a secret boyfriend’ while filming First Dates

Keegan Hirst is Britain's first openly gay professional rugby league player.

Keegan Hirst has denied accusations of being in a relationship while filming British dating show Celebrity First Dates.

On the show, which aired on Friday (22 July), the openly gay rugby player was paired with personal trainer Paddy White on what he said was his first ever gay date.

It didn’t go too well for the couple, although White tried to lighten the rather awkward situation by asking the sports start whether he’d ‘like some Irish in him’.

The personal trainer has since hit out at Hirst, saying he ‘deceived’ everyone.

‘The show should be about two people meeting with genuine reason to invest time and energy in each other,’ he told the Mirror.

‘He had no intention to ask me a question or make me feel comfortable – simply be present for publicity reasons.’

Hirst’s ex wife, Sara Wilson, tweeted White her support, saying his next date should be with someone who doesn’t have a boyfriend.


White contacted her in a direct message, asking whether the allegations were true, which Wilson confirmed.

Sara Wilson contacted Paddy White in a direct message

‘Im [sic] not bitter, its just awkward when your daughter asks why her dad is on a dating show when he has a bf,’ she wrote.

‘I dint [sic] want you getting loads of stick when to be fair if it wasnt for you talking youd be sat there in silence ha.’


Ahead of the show, another Twitter user, going by the handle ohchrisburton, quoted a ‘handsome but loose lipped’ source who alleged Hirst has, indeed, a boyfriend whom he ‘asked for permission to go on the show for self-promotion’.


A representative for Hirst denied the allegations, and the player himself also took to Twitter, where he described a boyfriend as ‘imginary’.


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