Pulse nightclub shooting survivors profiled on MTV special

Survivors of Pulse nightclub shooting to be featured in MTV special/

The stories of the lives of the 49 people killed inside Pulse nightclub six weeks ago have been shared with the world.

But not as much is known about those who survived the massacre. MTV will tell the stories of some of the survivors – 53 people were injured in the attack – in the special True Life: We Are Orlando on 15 August.

Here are four of the survivors being profiled so far:

Tony Marrero: He was shot four times during the attack, including once in the back. As he heals from his physical wounds, he is finding it more challenging to accept the loss of his best friend Luis Vielma, who was killed in the attack.

Tony is also struggling to come to terms with the guilt he feels over being forced to leave an unknown club patron behind as he called for help while he crawled out of the club to safety.

Patience Carter and Tiara Parker: While on vacation from Philadelphia, Patience, Tiara and Tiara’s cousin Akyra headed to Pulse for a night out.

The three young women hid in a bathroom during the attack where they were shot and trapped in the room with the shooter during his three-hour standoff with the police.

Patience and Tiara are now starting therapy to deal with the violence they witnessed.

Joshua McGill: During the attack, Joshua fled over the back wall of the club and hid behind a car where he heard a stranger crying out for help.

The injured man was Rodney Sumter, a bartender at the club and father of two, who had been shot multiple times. Joshua crafted a tourniquet out of his shirt to stop the bleeding in both of Rodney’s arms.

A police officer then instructed Josh to lie down in the back of his car with Rodney on top of him and squeeze his back to constrict the blood from a third wound as they drove to the hospital – where the two men were separated before Josh had a chance to learn Rodney’s fate.

During the special, MTV will air a special remembrance dedicated to the 49 lives lost during the attack as well as all of the survivors and victims’ friends and family members.

There will be more than a dozen digital shorts made available online leading up to the premiere including two below.

True Life: We Are Orlando clip 1:

True Life: We Are Orlando clip 2:

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