Austin Armacost: Why I’ve split from my husband

Austin Armacost has announced he and his husband are splitting

Model Austin Armacost has announced that he and his husband, Jake Lees are splitting up.

Armacost, originally from Indiana, featured in the 2015 series of Celebrity Big Brother on the UK’s Channel 5.

Besides his modeling work, he is also known for briefly dating the fashion designer Marc Jacobs when younger and appearing on the Logo reality TV show, The A-List.

Writing exclusively for GuysLikeU, Armacost says, ‘Unfortunately, it is with an extremely heavy heart I acknowledge that Jake and I are splitting up.

‘We first met when we were 20, now, almost a decade later we have just become two different people with two different ideas of what we want from life.

‘The hardest part for me is to know of the young gay couples who looked up to us and thought “if they can do it, I can do it.” I always wanted to be the example of unity, and solidarity and as we became the face of a movement, now that is melting away.

‘I fought so hard to be able to call him my husband here in America, and although I a so proud of all the work I have done, it feels a bit ‘all for nothing.’

‘They say that hindsight is 20/20, but I will never regret the work I did for the LGBT community and still encourage EVERYBODY in this community to live respectable, monogamous, long, happy lives and relationships.’

Austin Armacost and husband Jake Lees

Austin Armacost and husband Jake Lees

‘I am in no rush at all to download any dating apps or meet anybody’

He says the split is ‘amicable’ and does not rule out the two getting back together if they are able to reconcile their differences.

He also praised his husband for helping him through some of the ‘darkest times’ of his life, including his mother being sent to prison for two and a half years and the death of his brother.

‘I wish Jake nothing but happiness in his life. I want him to smile, laugh, live and love! What does the future hold for me? Never know. I am in no rush at all to download any dating apps or meet anybody. If somethings comes along, let it be. I am not out searching.’

Lees, a personal trainer originally from Huddersfield, posted a tweet on his Twitter profile saying: ‘Thanks to everyone for the support. And give it a minute to all the gays who friend requested me.’


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