Liverpool FC lights up Anfield Kop in rainbow colors to celebrate Pride 2016

Liverpool FC Anfield Kop

Liverpool Football Club (LFC) is going all out to support the 2016 Liverpool Pride Festival, and one of its moves is lighting up the club’s famous Anfield Kop in the colors of the LGBT rainbow flag.

The Reds became the first Premier League club to support a UK Pride march in 2012.

To kick off this week’s string of Pride celebration across the city, the Anfield Kop was lit in bright rainbow colors on Saturday.

The colorful installation, which is part of Liverpool Pride’s ‘Come out of the Shadows’ campaign, a new three-year initiative aiming to make Liverpool the most visibly LGBT-friendly city in the UK, will be up for the whole week until Sunday.

Other prominent buildings across the Liverpool City region will also light up each night in rainbow colours.

LFC staff across the city’s retail stores and Anfield ticket office will be dressed in colourful and creative attire as well to show the club’s support for ‘Dress with Pride’ – an initiative aiming to raise awareness for the local LGBT community and the on-going Pride celebrations.

Furthermore, to celebrate this year’s festival, Kop Outs, an LGBT LFC fan group has been launched.

The group hopes to fight homophobia and to provide a safe and welcoming space for LGBT fans and allies to meet and attend matches in confidence.

On Saturday, LFC representatives will also be marching alongside the LGBT community.

Paul Amann, the LGBT fan representative for the LFC official Supporters Committee said: ‘The club’s continued support for Liverpool Pride, participation in “Come out of the Shadows” and “Dress with Pride” and the club’s recognition of Kop Outs, truly shows that LFC is committed to making sure Liverpool’s LGBT communities will never walk alone.’

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