Wife wonders what to do after hubby has sex with two men – including groom – during stag party

Man confesses to drunken sex with two separate men but tells wife he's not gay.

A wife has written to Dear Coleen after her husband came home from a bachelor party trip in Magaluf and made a big confession: he had sex with two men – including the groom.

The husband – the father of her four-year-old son – claims he ‘screamed’ when he woke up in a hotel room bed next to one of the guys.

But it wasn’t his first time.

She writes: ‘He also admitted he’d got very drunk on another occasion and slept with the groom (his friend), who surprisingly enough isn’t angry and just said: “It’s just a bunch of stuff that happened. I’m not bothered I slept with you, we did it and that’s it.”’

Now the wife wants to know if she should tell the friend’s fiance about what happened before their wedding takes place and if she should stay in her own marriage.

‘My husband told me he isn’t gay or bi, and that it was simply down to overdoing it on the stag week in terms of drink and drugs, and that he regrets it,’ she writes.

‘He told me he wants to work on our marriage, and I want to be able to forgive him, but it feels hard and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to do it.’

Coleen tells the woman straight off that she shouldn’t tell the groom’s fiance about the ‘big drunken, drug-fueled mess.’

She adds: ‘The trouble with confessions is that while they unburden the confessor, the problem is dumped on the other person to deal with – and how do you do that?

‘In your case the positives are these: he was honest with you about what happened straight away and he’s reassured you that he’s not gay or bisexual (just a drunken fool).’

But she says the wife needs to draw the line at any future stag parties.

‘You obviously need to set some boundaries now … because you can’t trust him in that environment, and he shouldn’t mind about that.’

Oh yeah, and then there’s this: ‘He should probably put some distance between himself and the groom to give you the space to work things out.’

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