Male Kim Kardashian lookalikes come to blows on Facebook, epic shade ensues

These Kim K fanatics have created enough drama for their own TV show

Two Manchester-based Kim Kardashian lookalikes have got into a very public spat on social media – and of course, the Internet has taken notice.

Jordan Parke and James Holt are each reported to have shelled out thousands on cosmetic surgery to look like the reality TV star.

However, they got into a feud when James took issue when with a US magazine including Jordan in a feature about him.


James [above] took to the social media site to say: ‘I’m happy for a two page spread in America like anyone would be, obv. But why are they trying to make that Jordan relevant in the corner of my story. It’s so annoying and I’ve never had one procedure to look like Kim Kardashian.’

Meanwhile Jordan [below], responded by saying: ‘When someone hates you and you unknowingly pop up and steal the limelight #ByeBoo #OftenImitatedNeverDuplicated.’


James then replied: ‘Hate is a very strong word, what makes you think you’re that special? You’re in the corner of my story boo.’

The pair’s row was picked up by the Manchester Evening News.

According to the publication, Jordan has spent £150,000 on plastic surgery to look like Kim, including having his pout reduced after it started leaking.

He told MEN: ‘It’s not the first Facebook what we’ve had. He’s always trying to drag me down. He is where I was two years ago just with the lip fillers. I have done LA, New York, been on Spanish and German television as well as This Morning.

‘He is mad they brought me up in his article but I was the one doing it first so they are going to make comparisons. But I’m going for the au natural look now anyway. He’s hating because his story isn’t getting as much attention as mine.’

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