Nyle DiMarco wants you to get wet with him in the Hamptons


Why wouldn’t anyone want to go on a summer holiday with Nyle DiMarco? The sun, the pool, and of course, as little clothes on as possible.

The 27-year-old model whom we know to be ‘sexually fluid‘ and ‘very single‘ is the first deaf winner on America’s Next Top Model.

He has also gone on to win the last season of Dancing With the Stars. Talk about being a highflier.

This week, the hunky male model is taking a long-deserved break in the Hamptons, on the eastern shore of Long Island.

On social media, he shared a video of him climbing out of the pool in slow-mo and it’s spectacularly mesmerising.


Nyle also introduced to his fans what he called the ‘Hamptons Taco’ — a pancake rolled up with berries in it.

And he’s totally selling it with the Snapchat video of him devouring it in all sexiness.

Can we have some of that too? But we want you to feed us. *faints*

And Nyle isn’t shy about his need for some physical intimacy too.



Awww Nyle, you’re such a tease. But yes. To cuddling and to everything.

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