Pastor offers to ‘pray the gay away’ on episode of ‘What Would You Do?’


In the latest episode of ‘What Would You Do?’ by ABC, diners in a restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, are confronted with a tough situation where a pastor tries to ‘pray the gay away’ for a teenage boy.

The reality show hid cameras in the restaurant to capture unsuspecting customers’ reactions while two parents invite a pastor to talk to their teenage boy about his sexuality.

The parents, pastor and boy were all actors creating a scenario that the boy had just come out to his parents as gay, and the adults were obviously very upset about it, so much so that they brought in a pastor to solve the issue.

‘Son, you’re not gay — you’re sick,’ the pastor told the boy.

A group of ladies comforted the boy, saying, ‘It’s who you are. It’s OK to be who you are.’

One lady advised: ‘Just be a decent person, cause we got some jacked up, effed up heterosexual people.’

Another woman who’s actually a Christian minister approached the parents and took time to pray with them.

‘You’re pushing him further away from you right now. You don’t want that,’ she told the parents.

Other reactions involved the people offering support and encouragement for the boy. Even those who identified as Christians did not agree with what they saw.

At the end, a woman even confronted the pastor himself and argued that it’s not possible to ‘pray the gay away.’

She later told the host, ‘Life is so short, and we are quick to judge everybody. Let’s stop judging. It’s all about love.’

Watch the uplifting clip here:

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