ABC accused of spreading ‘gay agenda’ with gay dads on kids’ TV show

It was not the first time ABC featured a same-sex couple on Play School.

Australia’s longest-running featured a gay couple and their two daughters – and Christian groups are not impressed.

On Thursday (28 July), ABC’s Play School featured the two fathers and their daughters in the Through the Window segment as part of their My Family, Your Family series.

But the Australian Christian Lobby are not impressed with the decision, accusing ABC of exposing kids to ‘controversial political and social agendas’, betraying parents’ trust.

‘Millions of Australians also do not agree that two men should be allowed to deliberately deprive a child of its mother,’ the ACL said in a statement, quoting a Mrs Francis.

‘This does not mean two men can not love a child, of course they can. The issue is whether or not it is right for the child to be deprived of its mother and whether this should be taught as ethical to toddlers.’

For generations, so the group, parents could consider Play School safe watching, but by featuring ‘contested social and political agendas’, they would be disappointed.

‘Parent’s shouldn’t be forced to have adult conversations about sexuality and bioethics with their kids at such a young age,’ the statement reads.

‘And it certainly should not be the government broadcaster raising the subject with them.’

Dr David van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum who campaign against marriage equality, also heavily criticized the broadcaster.

‘There is nothing to celebrate about two little girls being deprived of their mother by two gay men,’ he said in a statement.

He claimed the episode missed asking the girls about their mother, and that they shouldn’t ‘miss out on the love of her mother just because two gay men want a baby’.

‘No matter how competent each of the men might be, neither can be a mother to a little child,’ van Gend said.

‘They cannot guide her as a mother would when she is growing from girl to woman, nor model for her the complex relationship of husband and wife.

‘What sort of a society allows two men to obtain a child by artificial reproduction, deliberately depriving that child of her mother?’

Later, van Gand also asked ‘What sort of a national broadcaster would portray that situation to kids as being normal, natural and right?’

Thursday’s episode wasn’t the first time Play School featured a same-sex couple.
More than 10 years ago, in 2004, the show already featured a lesbian couple and their daughter.

At the time, then-prime minister John Anderson criticized the state broadcaster for ‘exposing young children to same-sex parenting’.

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