Australian Idol host speaks up about experimenting with men

australian idol

Host of Australian Idol, Osher Günsberg, recently opened up about his history of exploring his sexuality with men.

More widely known by his former stage name, Andrew G, the 42-year-old English-born is also the host of Australian version of reality television series, The Bachelor, which’s set was where he met his current fiancée, Audrey Griffen.

Speaking to KIIS FM, Günsberg who got engaged in January revealed that he had kissed gay men in the past, but also added that he ‘gave that sort of thing up a long time ago.’

‘You’ve kissed gay blokes before right?’ asked the radio host.

‘Who hasn’t?’ Günsberg replied. ‘You’ve got to go on all the rides at Dreamworld before you find the one you want to stay on all day.’


This is not the first time the TV host and staunch supporter of LGBT rights and marriage equality talked about his past fun times with guys.

In another radio show, Günsberg said that he’s a ‘firm believer’ in sexual experimentation.

‘I’ve got no problems talking about that I’ve pashed a bloke or two,’ he shared.

He added that he didn’t believe sexuality was a ‘polarised thing’ and that your 20s are ‘there for a reason’.

‘Sexuality happens… it’s a grey, kind of moving fluid dynamic,’ he said.

Günsberg also spoke about his close friendship with The Bachelor’s newest star, Richie Strahan.

‘Richie hugs me and tell’s me it’s going to be OK,’ he said.

This guy @richie_strahan

A photo posted by Osher Günsberg (@osher_gunsberg) on May 8, 2016 at 2:29am PDT



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