Scottish LGBT poetry book and film backed by awards

Rachel Plummer
Rachel Plummer

A book of poems retelling Scottish myths from an LGBT perspective and a film about a young lesbian with telekinetic powers are to be commissioned as part of next year’s LGBT History Month.

Poet Rachel Plummer and filmmaker Helen Wright and have each been awarded £7,000 from Creative Scotland to enable them to produce works which will be unveiled in February 2017.

Edinburgh based Plummer will spend the year working in collaboration with an illustrator and hopes to explore subjects such as gender, sexuality/asexuality, community and identity, incorporating Scottish mythological creatures such as the Blue Men, Selkies and Wulvers.

She commented: “As a queer parent and poet, I’ve found it challenging to find children’s books which reflect our family and life experiences. What books there are often seem to focus on demonstrating LGBT families to a presumed straight, cis (a person who identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth) reader as a kind of social education,

“I envision my project as including trans and queer themes and characters in a way that allows families like mine to see ourselves in roles that do more than educate, roles and stories that reflect the full complexity of our lives.”

Rachel hopes to present the book for publication in time for LGBT History Month, with an exhibition of the poems and illustrations and readings throughout the month.

Helen Wright
Helen Wright

Glasgow based Wright will produce and direct a short film, Joey, which they describe as the story of a young lesbian woman with telekinetic powers entering the LGBT ‘scene’ for the first time.

Speaking about the award Wright commented: “Joey’s narrative doesn’t shy away from depicting some of the tougher aspects of existing as a young person on the gay scene, which sometimes revolves around drinking and drugs and pressurises people in terms of their self-perception and self-esteem.

“As such, the film is an honest and authentic exploration of LGBTIQ themes and particularly of the experiences of young lesbian women.”

Wright hopes to enter the film to festivals around the world.

Funded by Creative Scotland, the Cultural Commissions Awards aim to promote exciting, innovative artwork exploring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender themes.

The two selected projects will compliment a vibrant programme of events taking place all over Scotland during LGBT History Month which marks the significant contribution lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people have made throughout history.

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