The artist behind Dublin’s gay couple mural is back, and his lesbian piece is just as amazing

Last year, Caslin's four-story mural in Dublin went viral

Last year, Joe Caslin’s Dublin mural of a gay couple locked in an intimate embrace went viral.

Over a year after the Irish marriage referendum, which saw the country pass marriage equality in a landslide vote, the Caslin is back – this time just across the border, in Northern Ireland.

He created a five-story mural on the side of 1 Hill Street, in Belfast’s city center, just in time for Belfast Pride which runs from 29 July to 7 August .

In a similar style to the first mural, it shows a lesbian couple embracing.


Although living in Northern Ireland’s capital, they travelled to the US last year to get married, because at home they could only have enterd a civil partnership.

‘Northern Ireland is the only territory now on the islands of Western Europe that doesn’t have same sex marriage – and it’s same-sex marriage not civil partnership,’ the artist told BBC Radio Ulster.

‘Through the work that I did in Dublin last year with the referendum and the large piece we put up on George’s Street, I felt it was an ideal time, coming up to the Pride Festival that takes place this weekend, to reignite that conversation.’

Caslin also said the feedback was positive, and many passers-by stopped to watch while he was working on the mural.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the British Isles limiting same-sex couples to entering civil partnerships.

In England and Wales, same-sex marriage became legal in March 2014; in Scotland, the first same-sex wedding happened on 21 December.

Last year the Northern Ireland Assembly, for the first time and after a number of votes, achieve a slim 53-52 majority vote in favor of marriage equality.

But a petition of concern, raised by the Democratic Unionist Party, blocked the result; the petition means the proposal needs to achieve a cross-community majority to be passed.

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