This dad plans to walk 100 miles to fight homophobia for his gay son


A dad is planning to walk nearly a hundred miles to show support for his gay son and also to help raise funds to combat homophobia in schools.

Neil Dallimore from Scotland has put his mind to walking the West Highland Way, which is 96km long, in hope of raising awareness on the issue of homophobia in schools — specifically, the way some teachers treat students who have come out as LGBTQ.

According to The Evening Times, Dallimore has an 11-year-old son who recently came out to him as gay but asked him to keep it a secret from his school teachers for he feared that he would be ‘treated differently.’

Apparently, the boy’s fears aren’t unfounded. Dallimore shared with the Times a story of another boy who had been open about his sexuality but gotten treated differently ‘in a negative way’ by the school’s teachers.

‘To hear your child ask that a part of his identity not be known to elders that are there to educate, protect and support him is a gut punch,’ the dad described.

Dallimore has since set up a crowdfunding campaign for his walk. The goal is to raise £500 for the Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) movement which calls for Scottish schools to give an LGBTI+ inclusive education.

‘Too often I hear stories from my kids about how they’ve either been the target of or personally witnessed homophobic bullying and it’s a problem that few teachers have seemed to know how to handle,’ the dad wrote on the campaign page. ‘It’s worrying and upsetting to see your child treated like an outsider by other children based on sexuality and it must change.’

Dallimore’s walk is scheduled to happen on 27 August and is expected to take six days to complete.

So far the campaign has raised past its target at £1,500.

You can find out more and donate to the worthy cause here.


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