Channing Tatum to play mermaid in Disney’s remake of ‘Splash’

Will Channing Tatum make a good mermaid?

Disney will be remaking the iconic 1984 film, Splash, but with an interesting twist to the storyline.

The mermaid character of the film, previously played by Daryl Hannah, will this time be played by ‘Magic Mike’ star, Channing Tatum, instead.

Yes, you heard it right. Tatum will be spotting a scaly tail below his muscular upper body as he emerges from underwater as a half-human-half-fish.

Former ’22 Jump Street’ actress, Jillian Bell, will play opposite Tatum as the character originally played by Tom Hanks.

In the 1984 storyline, Hanks played a man who was saved from drowning by a mermaid (Hannah) when he’s a little boy.

The pair reunited 20 years later and fell in love. Eventually Hank’s character was faced by the decision of whether or not to join his lover in a life lived under the sea.

According to Deadline, Bell was the one who pitched the switch in the roles.

Well, if that means fans would get to see a whole lot of Tatum being naked as a beautiful sea creature, why not?

And here’s a trailer of the 1984 classic:



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