Sean Hayes on why there will never be a Will & Grace reunion

Sean Hayes wishes he'd come out as gay during Will & Grace's run

Will & Grace fans hoping for a years-later follow-up to the beloved NBC sitcom need to move on.

Sean Hayes, who played zany Jack McFarland on the show, says he doesn’t see any kind of reunion or update happening for Will, Grace, Jack and Karen such as the recent one for Absolutely Fabulous and earlier for Sex and the City.

‘We’re all different people now,’ Hayes tells Metro Source Magazine.

‘Besides, I was growing and the character was not, so it became time for all of us to move on.’

Hayes, currently on Broadway in An Act of God, won an Emmy and four SAG awards for his performance as the flamboyantly gay and frequently unemployed actor Jack.

It’s been 10 years since the series ended its eight-year run and Hayes and his fellow Emmy-winning co-stars Eric McCormack, Debra Messing and Megan Mullally have all moved on to many different roles.

But the show has remained popular in reruns and remains a part of the public’s consciousness.

It has been credited with helping and improving public opinion of the LGBTI community with US Vice President Joe Biden saying the show ‘probably did more to educate the American public’ on LGBTI issues ‘than almost anything anybody has ever done so far.’

Hayes says he was blown away by what Biden said.

‘That was hard to wrap my mind around for awhile. But you feel it, and really deeply. It made me realize we were all part of a show that was funny and accepted, but a byproduct was that we got to say more than that.’

This causes Hayes to reflect on his decision to come out publicly as a gay man four years after the show left the air.

‘I wish I had the courage to be more out at the time, looking back. I know that I was infusing a lot of myself into the show, and having Biden say that, I was honored and touched that I was part of something so much bigger than me.

‘But it’s also hard in a way. I don’t wake up every day thinking I’ve made that kind of difference. But when people remind me of it, it’s something humbling and gratifying.’

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