Christopher Biggins should try asking a bisexual what their life is like

Christopher Biggins

Biphobia is back and this time it’s coming from a gay icon – Christopher Biggins.

Anyone watching the classic TV show that is Celebrity Big Brother knows what he said. Bisexuals, Biggins told us, are ‘the worst type’ of LGBTI person – just sitting on the fence and not wanting to come out as gay.

We bisexuals should be more like him, he tells us. So a rusty has-been celeb who is anti gay marriage and in dire need of a new stylist and hairdresser? Respect our elder gays? I think not.

Of course everyone has an opinion. Ask any bisexual to explain the world of bisexuality and you will likely walk away with a variety of viewpoints and random ideas. Lots of it will be about sexual orientation but don’t be surprised if a majority of it covers the most random subjects you can fit into conversation.

It takes half an hour for us to say goodbye in gatherings, Entmoot style. We’re like that. Deal with it.

However to assume certain communities don’t exist or are in a minority without proof is just plain dangerous. Even more so when it comes from a community that claims to be your own and is supposed to emotionally support you.

And when has anyone ever bothered to ask an actual bisexual about what it is like to love more than one gender? From a bi point of view it looks like lesbians and gays seem to be doing the talking for us.

According to the monosexual world, bisexuals are an undecided breed, set to cheat on every single innocent monosexual partner, flipping coins and tinder pics to choose who to bed-notch next.

Apparently we’re great for vampirism, porn movies and experimental threesomes. Don’t even get me started if we’re female. Or Asian.

Bisexuals have come a long way and to be honest, we’ve had it twice as bad as the gay folks.

The discrimination we get is the same – we will still get stares if we hold hands with our same-sex partners.

Our conservative relatives pressurize us even more into nuclear families just ‘to get rid of the gay’. We still feel it when people make homophobic remarks and we still get blatantly rejected from religious communities.

Blood banks still reject donations from not only gay but bisexual men – maybe it’s our vampire habits on the silver screen. Gay struggles are ours too and then some.

You think stating ‘no bisexuals’ on a personals ad isn’t discriminatory?

How familiar does it sound when a bisexual teenager gets shoved back in the closet because they’re told that they’re going through a phase and they just haven’t found the right partner?

What’s worse is the lesbian and gay community in particular think it’s perfectly acceptable to say such things – even when sitting in a support groups which are supposed to provide a safe space for people to come to terms with their sexuality.

Straight people just think we’re sluts and dish out sexually positive discrimination at best. But who are we bisexuals to complain?

So yes, by all means Biphobic Bigot Biggins and the gang, do harp on about how you claim to know us. How we don’t exist and are the worst of human beings.

Just remember once upon a time exactly the same thing was said about you.

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