Head start for Santa: Selfridges opens Christmas shop on first day of August

In London, Santa and his elf can get a head start on their Christmas shopping

We’ve got another 143 days to go until Christmas, but those who like to have all preparation done and dusted by Thanksgiving can now get a head start in Central London.

As the first department store in the world, Selfridges on Oxford Street have opened their Christmas department – just as summer returns to Britain.

More than 50,000 Christmas decorations are already on display in the Summer Christmas Shop on Selfridges’ fourth floor, but that’s only the beginning.

In autumn, a further 70,000 pieces, from trees to mouth-blown baubles, will be added to turn the store into one of London’s prime Christmas destinations.

He may theoretically still be on holiday, but Santa popped into Selfridges on 1 August.

He may theoretically still be on holiday, but Santa popped into Selfridges on 1 August.

Their main Christmas theme was named as Shine On!, but the retailer also revealed its 2016 trends shaping the festive season.

Disco Gems are said to reflect the Shine On! Motto; they’re easily paired with warm and white metallics.

Nordic Wood proves Scandinavian style is here to stay, with its whites and reds in pale woods and wool.

In contrast, the Manor House trend is all about lavish, traditional decorations, marked by golden pieces and a distinct vintage feel – think Downton Abbey.

For more playful tastes, the retailer presents the themes of Santa’s Toy Chest, which comes with 50 different styles of Santa baubles, accompanied by reindeer and elves, and Iconic London, featuring Union Jack decorations.

Also continuing to shine are personalized decorations and gifts, including baubles, wrapping and cards, which were already a big part in Selfridges’ 2015 Christmas trends.

And if you think it’s all just for the tourists, which are currently flocking to the capital as summer holidays are in full swing all over Europe, that’s not quite correct.

‘We have so many customers visiting from all over the world and eager to snap up festive souvenirs on their summer holidays, which they can’t buy at home. So, we have to make sure we’re ready to showcase Christmas decorations they will truly treasure,’ sad Geraldine James, Selfridges’ Christmas Home & Decorations Buyer.

‘We also have a large number of domestic customers who love to Christmas shop very early in the year to ensure they can take their pick of the very best selection available, whilst all collections and product are available.’

It’s also not the earliest Selfridges opened their Christmas concession – in 2011, they started spreading the festive cheer in July.

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