WATCH: Russell Tovey tells Jonathan Groff the truth in Looking: The Movie

Kevin and Patrick have an emotional reunion in Looking: The Movie

If you have not yet got around to watching Looking: The Movie, then you might want to stop reading now.

But since it’s been nearly two weeks since the finale to the show premiered on HBO, we thought it was safe to share with you an emotionally-charged pivotal scene between former lovers Kevin (Russell Tovey) and Patrick (Jonathan Groff).

Patrick and his former boss at a video game company had a messy split before Patrick left San Francisco nine months earlier to take a new job in Denver.

When he returns to town for a friend’s wedding, he calls Kevin to meet for coffee and discuss formally ending their business partnership on a particular game.

While Patrick is content to keep things cordial and tidy, Kevin is having none of it.

He can barely contain his emotions and lets Patrick know exactly how he feels before they part ways.

And despite his pain, he also offers Patrick a job that would bring him back to San Francisco and all of his friends.

When Patrick’s asks why Kevin would do such a generous thing after all that had happened, Kevin simply says: ‘Because I love you.’

Pass the tissues please.

If there was any doubt as to the depth of his feelings for Patrick, there isn’t any longer.

The goodbye kiss is a heartbreaker and Tovey is first-rate in this scene.

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